The (Fake?) Sound of Progress

I feel like a bit of a plonker, if I’m honest.  I realised I’d need someone to do the music.  A soundtracking company had been in touch, and I was talking to them about the possibility of working on Post Script.  And I’d also been talking to an old friend of mine who worked on Neptune while I was at the helm (and, um, still is working on Neptune, I’d assume).  And then I’ve probably annoyed the hell out of them both by thinking, actually, I’m actually a musician (ha!) myself.  Why not keep this a complete solo project?

So. I’ve been recording the music and sound effects.  This is because THE TOWN BUILD IS BASICALLY FINISHED.  I’d have liked to expand upon it further, but by keeping certain areas locked off for now, I’ll be able to allow for further exploration in future episodes.  There are a few bugs left to iron out, a final art pass to run through, but it’s pretty much there.

It takes around five minutes to explore the whole place, another three minutes to get to that point.  I’m guessing the finale should be about three minutes, too, meaning I’m bang on my target of ten minutes per episode.  I suspect canny players would be able to race from the start to the finish of the town section in, ooh, about 30 seconds.  Only, you wouldn’t be that canny at all.  Because you’d have missed most of the content.

Anyway. Sound design. I think it’s going okay…

Music for the final scene. Which should be pretty awesome.


4 Responses to “The (Fake?) Sound of Progress”

  1. James Rossi Says:

    Do you plan on having custom voice acting? This is a neat looking project and I’d like to help out if possible. (I’ve done a fair amount of VO work in the past and am 24 so I might actually have a sound you’d be looking for). You can find some less animated examples of my work here:

    I can be much more animated in the vocals than those but that’s my general tone and such.

  2. Much as I appreciate the offer, I’m keen to keep all “dialogue” text-based. Without giving too much away: there’s very little need for voiceover work, and any that would be there would probably only detract from the characters the player might conjure up in his or her mind.

  3. James Rossi Says:

    Good point, certainly can’t argue with that. Best of luck with the project, can’t wait to see it come to fruition it seems really interesting.

  4. Hello. Can’t wait to play your mod (I followed the manual, but it’s still not showing up in my games tab), but I just wanted to give you props for the awesome Lostprophets reference in your title. ** Respect.


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