Beta and Press

Today is my first full-day off from Post Script since beginning the build last Monday.  I find myself twiddling my thumbs a little, procrastinating on catching up on actual work.  It feels weird not to be in Hammer, or Mixcraft, or with a Word document open to neaten up the script.  But heck, I deserve a few days off.  Because this morning, Post Script Episode 1 hit beta.


There’s certainly polishing left to do. But I wanted an idea of where to focus my efforts, so I’ve sent a copy off to my fabulous team of beta testers for them to pick apart.  I’m sure they’ll do me proud.

So at the moment, I’m tentatively looking at a release in about two weeks time.  Maybe a bit longer, but definitely before Christmas.  Depends on how many things the beta testers shout at me for doing wrong, really.

As I hoped, the episode weighs in at about 10 minutes for a play-through.  It might be less if you don’t explore everywhere.  It might be more if the two puzzles stump you.  But it pretty much captures my vision of five (yes, I’m going to confirm this at five now) short, bite-sized episodes.  No idea when the next one will be out, before you ask.  Let’s be ambitious and say before the end of January, but not so ambitious that you’ll hold me to that.

Amongst all this, some people have been saying things about the mod.

“Since he’s written probably more extensively than any other critic on this sort of game – from the Path to Dear Esther, Denby’s been all over it – I’m intrigued to see what he ends up creating,” says comrade Gillen at Rock, Paper, Shotgun.  Which means I probably have some sort of reputation to maintain with this.  Christ.

“Looks pretty nice,” say IGN’s PC-only sister site Voodoo Extreme. But their claiming that its gameplay is “traditional” leaves me confused, and a little worried that their readers are going to get the wrong end of the stick.  Notably, the comments thread is divided on whether it looks awesome or awful.

“What is Post Script about?” ask in an interview with yours truly.

“This is a mod that will make you think about something important,” suggest Default Prime, while also claiming its world to be “vast”.  Hmm.  Again, I hope people don’t get the wrong end of the stick, but I’m glad they’re optimistic.

And “It’s not an action game, but primarily focuses on emotions and the cruel circumstances of the situation,” say Hungarian site PC365, I assume, based on what I’ve deducted from running it through Google Translate.

More to come, I hope.  I’ll also be appearing on the Game Central podcast this weekend to talk about the mod. Awesomes. ‘Til then…


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  1. Hey, thanks a lot for posting my site up there (, and I’m very much looking forward to the mods as I haven’t loaded up any sort of Half-Life 2 on my computer in ages. Keep up the great work and I’m looking forward to it!

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