Actually, it would be untrue to suggest there have been any frequently asked questions so far, since – well – this is being written before Post Script has even been announced.  But I suspect that if people do become curious about the thing, these are the sorts of things they might wonder.

What is Post Script?
It’s a game mod series with a website with an About page.

How many episodes will there be?
No idea. Yeah, totally planning ahead.

Okay.  That’s not quite true.  The plan is to tell five stories.  But depending on how much work each one proves to be, in terms of both brushing up the writing and actually making them work in-game, a couple of them might be merged.  I can’t see it working in any less than four episodes, and I fear it would start dragging on if it hit seven.

How frequently will the episodes be released?
As and when, really. The episodes aren’t that long – current estimate for the first release is around ten minutes of play time – so there’s not an enormous amount of work to be done in terms of level builds and the like. But I don’t want to release stuff that isn’t refined and true to the original vision. And it’s probably fair to say real life will get in the way every now and then.

When’s the first one due out?
Haven’t the faintest idea. Honestly – could be next week, could be in a year. Depends on how happy I am with what I write and make. If it works first time, then soon. If it takes a hundred attempts, then so be it.

Are there any guns?
No. I’m trying to avoid calling it a game where possible, to make sure people don’t get the wrong idea, but then that makes me sound… well, even more of a tit than the actual writing will. In Post Script, you walk around, you uncover a collection of stories, and occasionally solve some very basic environmental puzzles.  If you’re expecting an action game, and are unwilling to step outside your comfort zone, you’ll probably not be impressed.  But let yourself go, think about the stories you’re living through, and search every corner of the world for new narrative clues… well, you might find yourself enjoying it a little bit.

So it’s an art game, then?
Yeah, whatever. It’s me experimenting with ways of telling stories through interactive media. But call it what you will, and I’m sure I’ll be fine with it. Unless you call it “shit.” But I’ll put up with that too.

Do you need any help?
At the moment? No. The plan is to tackle it solo because I’ve a fairly clear idea in my head of what each aspect of Post Script should end up like. But, it may be the case that I’m an idiot for thinking that’s even remotely possible. If I end up looking to recruit, I’ll say so on this here webbylog.


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