Man! Hello!

Posted in Blog on November 24, 2009 by Lewis

So, I’m writing a post on a makeshift website blog thing. I guess that means Post Script is sort of launched. Hooray!

What is Post Script? It’s exactly what it says on the About and FAQ pages! But, condensed exclusively for this post, it’s a series of very short “computer games” exploring the stories of a cast of intriguing characters, and set after the second apocalypse.  Aside from a few minor puzzles, there’s very little typical gameplay; you walk around, explore an environment, and try to piece together the clues to form a coherent idea of what happened to this place.

Each episode will be released When It’s Done, and I’ll be detailing various bits of progress along the way, I would imagine, along with some commentary next to the releases when ready.  For now, there are a few concept renders over on the ‘Media’ page. Have a look, if you want.  And be sure to check back soon.